Q: I sit at a desk all day and get that 3pm stupor going where it’s hard to get motivated and you feel your energy dipping. I’m always looking for a way to sustain my energy levels during the day and not run into peaks and valleys. What types of foods are best for creating energy?

A: Generally, the best energy foods are carbohydrates foods such as grains, fruits, vegetables, and dairy. Foods such as rice, pasta, cereal, and bread provide a lot of energy in a smaller volume. For example, 1/3 cup rice has as much energy (carbohydrate) as 1 piece of fruit or 3 cups of raw vegetables. Also, by adding some protein with these foods, may help you to sustain your energy longer. For example, have nuts or cheese with fruit.
Another thing to keep in mind, the B-vitamins which are found in a wide range of food (eg. yeast, sunflower seeds, pork, ham, peanuts, milk, yogurt) actually help release energy from carbohydrate foods. So, if you’re lacking in B-vitamins it may affect the way your body process carbs = NO ENERGY!


2 Responses to “Ask the Nutrition Therapist”

  1. Mark Says:

    If I want to limit the amount of red meat I eat to one meal a week, then when is the best time in the week to eat it, gaining the benefits without the it feeling heavy or turning into fat? Sunday before a work week, a the beginning of a work week or maybe on the weekend?

    • rnutrition Says:

      Thanks for your question! In general, there is no “best” time to eat any particular food. Your body does not follow a schedule (Monday – Friday) like a typical work week. Your body digests, metabolizes, and stores food generally the same way all week long. If you like to eat red meat, but, would like to cut back, I would recommend choosing lean red meat, which will help cut your fat intake down and may prevent the “heavy feeling”. Some cuts of red meat (sirloin, tenderloin, roast beef) have similar fat content as chicken, so, it would even be ok for you to choose these more than once per week if you desired.

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