It’s A Snack Attack!

January 20, 2009

junkfoodCookies, chips, candy, and ice cream….these are just a few of the things many people think of when they hear the term “snack”. For some reason, people automatically think snacks are “bad” and involve “junk” foods.

It is true… any food containing less than optimal nutritional value, might be considered “junk” food, but, it doesn’t necessarily matter when you eat it. For example, your big mac and fries for lunch might also be considered junk food.

Technically, a snack is any food consumed in-between a meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Snacks can help to ease hunger between meals and prevent extreme hunger and overeating at meals. Snacks also provide a brief supply of energy to the body. If you consciously choose healthful snacks, such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, and grains, snacks can also help to balance out your diet by providing additional nutrients.

Keep in mind, being prepared and planning is key! If you know that you’ll be away from home, be sure to bring a healthy snack with you to avoid the “out-of-desperation” or “out-of-convenience” junk food attack! 

Some healthy snack ideas include:
yogurt1Fruit and Cottage Cheese
Apple & Peanut Butterapplespeanutbutter
Whole Wheat Crackers with Low Fat Cheese or Peanut Butter
String Cheesecheese_string
3 cups Air-popped Popcorn
mixed_nutsNuts (1/2 cup)
Graham Cracker Squares and Peanut Butter
½ Turkey Sandwich
1 cup Whole Grain Cereal + Milk
Hummus + Raw Vegetables
Kashi TLC Chewy Granola Bar
Whole-grain Crackers or Whole-Wheat Tortilla with Hummus or Nut Butter
Individual Unsweetened Applesauce with a few Dry-Roasted Walnuts
Individual packs of Carrots, Celery Sticks, or Apple Slices with Nuts, Nut butter, or Low-Fat Cheese
Skinny” Latte (made with low-fat or nonfat milk)
Fresh Fruit Smoothie made with Non-Fat Milkfruit-smoothie


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