California Bans Trans Fats

July 26, 2008

Yesterday, California became the first state to ban trans fats from restaurants and baked goods. So what’s the big deal you might ask?

Trans fats, like saturated fats and dietary cholesterol (found primarily in animal products) increase your risk of heart disease. Trans fats are made when manufacturers add hydrogen to vegetable oil–a process called hydrogenation. Hydrogenation increases the shelf life and flavor stability of foods containing these fats. This process turns liquid oils into solid fats. Trans fats are found in vegetable shortenings, some margarines, crackers, cookies, snack foods, and other foods made with or fried in partially hydrogenated oils.

So, basically, the new law which was signed by Governor Schwarzenager, will help Californians to maintain and improve their health….Yay Arnold! 🙂 This law will go into effect in 2010. Hopefully other states will follow suit…..


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