Veggies: How to get your 3 or more per day….

July 17, 2008

You probably remember your mom telling you to eat your vegetables.  But, how many of us as adults get the recommended 3 or more servings of vegetables each day? Very few, despite their amazing health benefits.  Vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet since they are packed with essential vitamins and minerals and fiber, which can enhance health, well-being, and prevent certain types of diseases.  Here are some tips to help you to add more color to your plate:

          Stock up on frozen vegetables for quick and easy cooking on the stove or in microwave.

          Buy vegetables that are easy to prepare. Use pre-washed bags of salad greens; add baby carrots and grape tomatoes for a quick salad.

          Include a green salad or cooked vegetable with your dinner each night.

          Have salad as your main dish (add some protein to keep you satisfied).

          Try making a main dish of vegetables such as stir-fry or soup, then add other foods to complement.

          Add vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes and peppers to sandwiches.

          Include chopped vegetable in pasta sauce or lasagna.

          Order a pizza with vegetable toppings such as green peppers, mushrooms, or spinach. Have a salad with the pizza.

          Try grilled veggies on the bbq.

          Add veggies to egg omelets- spinach, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms work well.

          For snacks at work or home, try packages of baby carrots or celery sticks with peanut butter.

          Keep cut up vegetables like broccoli, peppers, carrots, and celery at home for easy access to a healthy snack. Try with hummus or a low fat dressing to use as dip.

          When you’re out at restaurants, substitute the fries for a salad or steamed vegetables.

          If you’re still having trouble, drink 1 cup of vegetable juice (provides 2 servings of vegetables). Try to avoid some juices which have sugar added.


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